Er, I meant next Friday, the 23rd.
Scheduling a game for this Friday at 9 pm EST.
Appreciate it, Machimouse.
30 days are on me!
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MWO Private Lobbies

[RCOM] Xenon54z a posted Jul 12, 17  -  MWO

Kreedo and Tiny Dead

As you can see, the target Tinytwo is dead (bottom right). And some how Kreedo was killed after Tinytwo (left) went down. (Friendly Fire?)

I died plenty being the scout, but it was fun!

Trying to figure out the new skill trees was not. Chapster, where were you to guide us noobs through the battlefield of a new skill tree?!


Kreedo a This was fun. Thanks to Xenon and TInytwo for the games.

Memorial Day!

[RCOM] Xenon54z a posted May 29, 17  -  Holiday

Happy Memorial Day!

Atlas Salute

If an Atlas is saluting you, then your probably awesome.

... and if you in an Awesome at the time, then you just won at life.


[ACOM] Chapster a The problem with this ...and I don't mean to sound ungrateful but Memorial Day is for honoring our men and women ...


[ACOM] Chapster a posted Apr 25, 17

here are some books that I have written most of them are on the forums  and they are very very rough

4th Skye Guards Backbone.pdf

Chappy's Howling Siegers.pdf


[RCOM] Xenon54z a Just some light reading for you all!

Happy Easter!

[RCOM] Xenon54z a posted Apr 16, 17  -  Holiday

BT Eggs

Happy Easter!

And if you can make eggs as cool as that, I sure would like to see pictures of them! Good luck on your new quest, mechwarrior. Not everything is smash and explosions.

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